Thursday, October 24, 2013


Welcome to Commendrawings. During the next two months I'll be doing commentaries on some of my older art work from the last year that I forgot to scan. 

This is one is pretty simple. It was inspired by Max G's work and that really show with the way I drew these. Additionally, the little faint bubble with "Season 1-3 sucks" was based off a Channel Awesome person who used to like the show but ended up being vocally against it after Season 3. 
It's just a silly drawing practicing facial expressions, and it ended up helping me when I sent Brock Bee to Swapnote Ponyvile back in "Formage the Goat", the second part of the Phase 1 Swapnote finale. It's weird how these drawings ended up helping me with that but what can I really say about that.