I do
I am the person who draws this stuff
a couple things you should know:
I like Disney unlike everyone else who potrays them as a evil organzation
I hate Time Warner cable
a lot
before I did not have problems with my remotes dying
now it's a work out to change the channel
Not only that but their on-demand sucks and good GOSH is their customer service terrible or what
also I have serious problems with people who take mobile gaming seriously
I don't mean people who own a 3DS or Vita
I'm talking the over-hyped app market
first off all the games suck
their sales are reliant on downloads, not money
so any idiot who says that Nintendo needs to go mobile will be a awful executive
Angry Birds is not the next Mario either I'm sorry to say
it's august
put down your dang christmas lights already
also let me tell you how much I hate memes now
they aren't funny and they become old faster than you can say old
should be renamed pointlessillism IF YOU KNOW WHAT IM SAIYAN

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