Doodleland Characters


Zak is the main character of the Doodleland series. As a Verin, he is the last of his kind. He is best friends with Darkclaw.



Monolith Characters


Jalck is the main character of the Monolith series. He is a human that discovers the mysteries of his universe and has a girlfriend named Marrisa.

Swapnote Characters

Brock Bee

Brock Bee is one of the characters that appears in the Fantendo Swapnote stories. He is arrogant, ignorant, and against gay rights, showing his hate for usually with a chainsaw. However, he has those rare moments of humanity, despite being a bee.


A silent creature that has a open mouth and a beard. Nobody knows where he came from or what he wants, but he seems pretty friendly. On the rare moments he does speak, he speaks in a Spanish accent. 


A insane scientist who devoted his life making incredibly strange experiments. From fusing animals to creating a friction increaser, there seems to be no bounds to what he can create.

Author Avatars

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One Winged Angel

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Iris Three

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The Tesseracts


A vampire girl with antlers on her head. She is unable to move her mouth due to a rare illness condition. 

The Milleniumers

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Other Key Characters

Tainted Love

A band that resides in the Demon Realm. Consists of four members.


The lead singer and owns the band. She is very vain, but the rest of the members don't seem to mind.

Spike Punch

One of the lesser sane members of the band. He also has very sharp teeth and plays the guitar.


She plays either the keyboard or back-up singer. Sometimes both. She used to be a doctor.


The other back-up singer and musical video director. He is the most laid back member. 

The Bassist

Not much is known about him. He used to be in the war.

The Travelers

These guys travel through time and space under the control of the Nellizod empire. Consists of four members.


The leader figure of the group. He has to watch over his younger brother who is also on the squad. He also has really cool glasses.


The younger brother of Policy. He knows how to handle the ship and the computers but is dangerously incompetent at that.


A female android who can send transmissions. She may have a crush on Policy.


The chef who is also a android. He is by far the oldest, but can't be bothered to take control.

The Third Reality

Characters from another pane of reality where fear has taken over. However, people have learned to live in the fear.

Lord Seahorse

A general who fought against a unknown threat in 777 AD and remained immortal after winning a bet with Death. 


A forgotten steel factory robot that was taken over by the darkness and now works in black magic.


A guy who runs around stealing souls of people. He has four tentacles on his back which can quickly esclate to his needs.

Nurse Isle

A nurse who won't leave anyone of the opposite gender alone if they get in her sights. She may not even be a nurse.

Ziggy's Arcade


Cam is a little robot-based camera. He is watched over by his foster parent, Ariel, who usually has to do work and drops him off at the arcade with his other foster brother Nemirod. 


Nemirod is a cyborg alien child. Like Cam, he is watched over by Ariel and is dropped off by the arcade. He tends to be the more responsible one, but is easily lured with some kind of reward.

Untitled Snow Project

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World At War

Morgan Baymorda

Morgan is a female pilot who was enlisted for the atomic war. She is very cheerful and a bit of a ditz.

Cobalt 12




Alternate Universe Characters


A female Zak from a gender flipped universe. 


A successful business owner that deals in necromancy. She takes the soul juice from a person and sells them to anyone who wants to bring back the dead. She is also married to Incarn!Darkclaw in this universe.

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