Series Buisness

The Basics of Doodleland (Read This to Understand The Doodleland Universe!)

so there are these islands
they are part of Doodleland
and a infinite pane of water 
or should I say panes
these panes represent time and other universes inside of Doodleland.
the islands are plenty although some appear in some panes and some appear in all of them
the constant is called Grasslands
this appears in all universes or did at one time
now for the more complicated stuff

Advanced Basics

panes can be traveled to by going far enough down, up, west, east, south, and north
although your better off using a portal to transfer between them
the most divergent panes are called Realms
this brings us worlds like the Angel Realm, Demon Realm, Fairy Realm, Flow Realm, Fallen Realm and the Earth Realm.
The Angel, Demon, and Earth Realms are special.